Silence, nature with its scents, colors and sounds,
make the harmony of this place.



Set on the highest peak of Chiaramonte Gulfi, the Arcibessi Mount, whose top is nestled amid the surrounding verdant pine-tree valley, the restaurant Antica Stazione with its dry-stone walls and gardens it seems to rise without modifying the perfect armony of this enchanting landscape.The silence, the nature with its fragrances, compose the armony of this place. The restaurant Antica Stazione overlooks the mountain at an altitude of 850 metres above the sea level without interrupting the fascinating scenery of the pine grove, one of the most beautiful of Sicily, but integrating itself in this context as fluid element of this explotion of the nature.

To enjoy Chiaramonte you need to spend some hours on this mountain. Because Chiaramonte, or in French language “Clermont”, it means “bright mountain”. From here, you can enjoy the pleasant heat of the morning sun and the fresh air in the evening, the moon and our classic flavours, without forgetting the modern and international cuisine.

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